Old Bakery Gin – George’s Special Edition 50% ABV – 50cl




Gorgeous George has now given up plumbing, actually Leak Detection (as we don’t do plumbing) and has become our first full time employee helping make, bottle, label, wax seal and most importantly: visit customers and sell Old Bakery Gin.

We thought that GG should be rewarded with several new responsibilities:

Make Tea more often
Tidy up !!!
And have his own bespoke Old Bakery Limited Edition Expression, which GG would be wholly responsible for, so here it is:

Green Wax seal (made by mixing OBG yellow wax with the blue navy wax)
50.3% ABV aka 100.6% Proof
Made with 5 botanicals (there is a rumour that GG got his 5th botanical from foraging across the road from our distillery in the allotment with the assistance of my dad and Dodgy Geoff & a ladder to climb the fence)
Exclusive label with GG police profile picture

(The expression is limited to 500 bottles)


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