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Old Bakery Rum… A story of illicit Gin

If you have landed on this page and you are not aware of the historical background of Old Bakery Gin, please take a look at how BBC News, ITV News and C4 Sunday Brunch covered our illicit Gin Discovery  –

Here’s how ITV News and channel 4 covered the Story

Whilst researching the history of the Old Bakery, we learnt that there was a Baker known as ‘Wen’ who worked as a Baker in the Bakery, we believe Wen was a black man from the West Indie’s. We don’t know if Wen was his real name, Christian name, surname or just his nick name. 

As spirit enthusiasts, we thought it only be fitting to try and produce a Rum in tribute to Wen the Baker.

Rum Alchemy

Firstly we have not made the Rum, we have bought in a rough course crude spirit which we have Re-Distilled by hand in our Distillery, both Gorgeous George and Young Will have mastered this process.

The re-distilled rum is then barrel aged in barrels lined with British Mead and also sweet Mavrodafni from Greece.

Most rums are aged in Port and Sherry Barrels, this is nothing new, rather than follow the traditional norms, we have tried to capture the unique British essence of the area.

Wikipedia describes Palmers Green as a small hamlet over 100 years ago –

Modern Palmers Green is now the largest home to Greek Cypriots outside Cyprus, this inspired us to use Greek Mavrodafni* sweet wine Barrels to help age our Rum, add colour and produce a subtle sweetness than softens as you drink it.

*We must thank Allen and Marcus at Gerrys Wine and Spirits Soho for inspiring us with their knowledge of the industry and the wonderful idea to try and experiment with Mavrodafni, a drink we had not even heard of and also to use Mead Barrels.

 Cheers to Allen & Marcus x

British Greek Caribbean

British, Greek and with added love and warmth of the Caribbean.