Old Bakery Rum 41% ABV – 50cl


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In homage to ‘Wen’ the Baker at Pymmes Mews, we decided we would make a special dark rum.

We have bought in a rough & tumble 57% ABV Navy Strength Rum from Jamaica, we have then re-distilled it and cut it down with fine mineral water to 40.3 – 41% ABV

We genuinely can’t believe what we have created, a super smooth rum which you can sip neat which has wonderful vanilla nose complimented with soft caramel notes, it’s just delicious.


5 reviews for Old Bakery Rum 41% ABV – 50cl

  1. Colin Ashby

    Superb combination and delicious drink with ice and lemon. A real treat to get this as a Christmas present.

  2. Lee Warden

    I’e never been a rum drinker and first tasted Old Bakery Rum at a party. I am a convert for sure. A wonderful smooth drink best served with ginger ale and lots of freshly squeezed lime juice. I am now the owner of a bottle but I’m not sure how long this will last…

  3. Danny

    Wow ….
    Just add ice .

  4. Chantelle

    I got this rum at the (gin to my tonic show in Liverpool ) best rum iv had … I was kindly given ginger tonic and lime to mix with ..can honestly say it was delicious .

  5. Karen Herron

    I love rum and this has fast become a favourite. It’s smooth and delicious and can be enjoyed on its own over ice or with a splash of ginger ale.

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